The VALORIZATION business line refers to the development of the works for interventions of "existing" construction, or those of building and urban transformation of the territory already built and able to satisfy an existing human need or different from the current one.

To the Dedalo SGI Group by enhancement works we mean the performance of works of:

  • Transformation of buildings above ground and underground, as well as the expansion of existing ones;

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions;

  • Integration of technological-architectural knowledge within economic, real estate and management knowledge aimed at an economic objective according to the "Maximum" and "Best" Use of the property;

  • Integrated design approach and business planning techniques aimed at the highest use of the property for the purpose of increasing the value and profitability;

The real estate enhancement business unit represents the third source of income for the Group's "industrial" line. The expertise has developed in the context of brownfield projects aimed at the repositioning of degraded buildings through their refurbishment and the objective of making "profit" or "income".

The Enhancement business unit assumes strategic importance in a market context more oriented towards the redevelopment and repositioning of the existing building stock. The Division plays a leading role in the generation of value, allowing the Group and its companies to intercept opportunities that have proved to be successful case studies in the context of investments for the enhancement of buildings and real estate complexes, re-functionalising and reconverting assets according to market expectations and conferring greater profitability and asset value to owners.


Average time of acquisition of property


Average time for building requalification

Segmentation works
of Enhancement

Segmentazione Operazioni di Valorizzazio

Valued Real Estate Products and Realized Surfaces (sqm)

Prodotti Immobiliari Valorizzati e Super


Number of redeveloped and decommissioned properties


Medium truck made in brownfield operations

Type of Investments and Building Category

Tipologia Investimenti ed Edifici

Strategy and Return Investment in Enhancement Operations

Rendimenti Investimenti di Valorizzazion