The DEVELOPMENT business unit refers to the fine-tuning of works for "new" construction interventions, ie those of building and urban planning of the territory not yet built and capable of satisfying a new human need.

To the Dedalo SGI Group by development works we mean the performance of works of:

  • Construction of buildings and real estate complexes for single or multiple use;

  • Primary and secondary urbanization interventions relating to the project being developed;

  • Integrated planning and design of the urban context in which the project is located, combining the technical-architectural-plant characteristics with essential economic-demographic-financial considerations;

  • Urbanization setting of a land consistency or building to be demolished and rebuilt according to the canons of environmental, economic and operational efficiency

The Real Estate Development business unit represents the Group's second source of business. The skills have been developed in the context of greenfield and brownfield projects, in third party promotion and development initiatives, for the ordinary and alternative residential sector.

The Development business unit represents the core business of the Group's investment activity, in which it has been concentrated for more than 10 years and where it has accumulated an intense experience of successful case studies. The company's opportunistic and value-added investor profile is well combined with related development projects, such as business sectors, commercial, retail and logistics, intersecting both greenfield and brownfield projects, identifying opportunities in different geographies, building types and investment sectors .


Average time to complete the acquisition of a property


Investment time horizon


Average yield produced in Build-Own-Lease investments


IRR generated in Build-Lease-Transfer investments

Development interventions segmentation

Financial structure by type of investment

Segmentazione Interventi di Sviluppo Imm
Struttura Finanziaria Operazioni di Svil

Type of real estate products developed and man-made surfaces in square meters

Investment objective

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