Construction Market

The Group's competitive scenario is represented by the global investment market in the construction sector with specific reference to that of civil works for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.


The global economic and commercial activity showed signs of growth in the second half of 2013 and the future forecasts of the economic trend for the Euro zone refer to a recovery compared to the recent period of recession.


In the more immediate future (2014-2017) an upward trend is expected in the global demand for infrastructure and civil works, equal to 9% per annum, in the energy, transport and other civil infrastructure segments. With this in mind, it is an important business opportunity and the need of the most developed countries to replace or expand the existing infrastructures that are now inadequate to meet the growing energy needs, and the need for mobility, energy and water linked to economic development and urbanization process that is affecting many emerging and developing countries.


According to a study by McKinsey for the OECD, from 2014 to 2030 there will be $ 57.3 trillion in infrastructure investment, of which about 29% should be related to investments in roads and motorways, 21% in energy infrastructure, 20% in hydraulic works, 17% in telecommunications, and finally 13% in metro / railways, airports and ports.


In this context, the local and supranational experience of Dedalo strengthened the Group's competitive positioning at local and national level, consolidating its presence in metropolitan areas and equipping the operating machine with the necessary skills to enter new markets and support the continuous growth of the business.