1. Single value proposition

  • A consolidated group that focuses on small and medium projects of civil engineering, management and property management to improve the lives of people and communities in which it operates

  • A long and successful track record in the construction industry for over 27 years

  • Surprising skills in key building segments


2. Significant geographical diversification

  • Deadline

  • The group size is simple and international

  • Geographical diversification through different categories and different levels of development and category of works

  • Proven ability to enter, with familiarity, in new markets


3. A high level of competitiveness

  • A strong and pragmatic focus on new market opportunities

  • Ability to selectively compete, focusing on projects with the best balance between human resources and available risk and return profile requirements

  • In-depth selection of the human resources employed by the group according to an equal, democratic and meritocratic process

  • Constant investment in improving skills and levels of human resources knowledge to preserve the reputation and the high quality standards and systems of the group


4. A history of consistent and strong growth

  • Consolidated ability to seize international opportunities managing to manage the level of risk

  • Significant presence in high growth markets and regions

  • A thrifty use of our resources and a matter of our investments does not expose the group's capacity to the growth oscillations of nations or countries of activity, preserving their financial solidity


5. Solid financial structure

  • Firm commitment to growth preserving the ability of the companies of the group to be solvents

  • Highly liquid balance sheets

  1. Low level of net debt / share capital ratio

  2. Efficient use of capital

  3. Constant reinvestment of part of the group's profits