1. Unique value proposition

A consolidated group that focuses on small and medium-sized civil engineering, infrastructure and property management projects to improve the lives of the people and communities in which it operates

  • A long and successful track record in the construction industry for more than 27 years

  • Amazing skills in key construction segments


2. Significant geographical diversification

A large and long-term order book

  • The size of the group allows its team to work on medium-sized projects at national and international level

  • Geographical diversification across different regions and nations through different levels of development and category of works allows the group to be competitive in the construction industry

  • Proven ability to confidently enter new markets


3. A high level of competitiveness

A strong and pragmatic focus on new market opportunities

  • Ability to compete selectively, focusing on projects with the best balance between human and financial resources available and selection of the risk and return profile appropriate to the expectations of the client and the group

  • In-depth selection of the human resources employed by the group according to an equal, democratic and meritocratic process

  • Constant investment in improving the skills and knowledge levels of our human resources to preserve the reputation and the high standards of quality and systems of the group


4. A history of consistent and strong growth

Consolidated ability to be able to seize international opportunities managing to manage the consequent level of risk

  • Significant presence in high-growth markets and regions

  • An economical use of our resources and an exact calibration of our investments does not expose the operating capacity of the group to the growth fluctuations of the regions or countries of activity, preserving its financial strength


5. Solid financial structure

Firm commitment to grow while preserving the ability of the companies of the group to be solvent

  • Highly liquid balance sheets

  • Low level of net debt / share capital ratio

  • Efficient use of capital

  • Constant reinvestment of part of the group's profits