The Property Management business line refers to the development of services for the technical-accounting-administrative-maintenance management of stand-alone properties and real estate clusters, or of single properties or real estate portfolios owned by individuals or third parties.

To the Dedalo SGI Group by property management services we mean the provision of activities of:

  • management of relationships with tenants;

  • management of lease contracts (management of the schedule, invoicing

    of lease payments, calculation of the ISTAT update);

  • management of security deposits paid by tenants;

  • renegotiation of contracts and / or activation of cancellation procedures;

  • management of services for the common parts of buildings;

  • management of reporting (monthly or bimonthly) to the

    Asset Management structure that organizes the trend in an analytical form

    the profitability and costs of each individual asset in the portfolio;

  • management and updating of the Condition Assessment Survey database

The Property Management business unit is dedicated to the "active" management of real estate assets in its own and other operators' portfolios. The skills have developed in the structuring of the portfolio of clusters for residential, commercial and tourist-accommodation purposes located throughout the national territory.

The Property Management business unit represents the first operating entity of the Group originated to pursue real estate services and specifically engaged in the investment and management of stand-alone properties and real estate clusters both within the Group's perimeter and part of the real estate assets of individual, institutional and Public Administration investors.


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