Corporate Profile

The Daedalus Group is an industrial company specialized in the construction of small and medium-sized residential, industrial and commercial civil works, promoting itself as an Italian operator able to deal with national and international realities.


Active for more than 20 years in the construction sector with more than 24 major works completed, a cumulative work amount of about € 168 million and a backlog of equally standing, the group is a player with high growth in the construction and  real estate development sector, with remarkable performance in the creation of French and multi-store shopping centers throughout the country, destined to hypermarkets, supermarkets and outlets.


The group bases its activity on a strong passion for building, consolidated through the innumerable achievements at local and foreign level. Residential complexes, industrial plants and factories, hydraulic and electrical works, infrastructures, civil construction and accommodation are the contract sectors in which the group has been operating for over 27 years, on behalf of the most important national and international operators of the large-scale retail trade (LSRT).


Combined with a strong focus on the client and the context in which it operates, the group pursues sustainable development goals to create value for its stakeholders and shareholders. By supporting customers on strategic issues such as energy and mobility, shareholders contribute to the creation of development and well-being for current and future generations.


The management and the whole group are committed to operating according to environmental, ethical and professional principles that comply with the highest international standards of governance and citizenship.