Work begins on the new nursing home in Nonantola (MO)

At via Enrico Berlinguer in the province of Modena, the Dedalo Group has begun work on the construction of the new RSA of the “Sereni Orizzonti” group, the Friulian group leader in Italy in the construction and management of homes for the elderly.

The project developed by the "Studio M2R" of Reggio Emilia will therefore be realized, which includes a building with two floors above ground and in the shape of a "C", surrounded by a large equipped green area - entirely accessible on foot or with wheelchairs and walkers - connected to the cycle path. Family members of visiting guests will have ample parking at their disposal. The external finishes of the property will be plastered with yellow ocher colors, in order to fit harmoniously into the traditional context of the town.

On the ground floor there are reception, administrative offices, rehabilitation gym, changing rooms for women and men, clinic, room for personal services, kitchen, living room for common socialization and room for worship. On the first and second floor there will be a common dining room, guest toilets and 4 inpatient units (equipped with access control to control the movements of guests suffering from senile dementia) for a total of 100 beds, divided into 40 single rooms and 30 double rooms.

The rooms will be large and bright, comfortably furnished and each equipped with its own bathroom for the disabled as well as equipped with motorized beds, windows with home automation shutters, call system and fire sensors. On each floor there is an assisted bathroom with shower trolley or shower chair. The premises will be equipped with controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC), which allows a change of clean and dry air in the premises without having to open the windows but recovering the heat that is expelled from the air. The air conditioning has been designed to offer guests maximum comfort and safety: the winter one will be ensured by an underfloor heating system (and therefore without radiators) while the summer one will be made with an innovative cold beam system that will cool the guests. environments without annoying drafts.

Like all the other recent buildings of "Sereni Orizzonti" in the rest of Italy, this building too will present decidedly avant-garde characteristics in terms of eco-sustainability and energy saving. Made in energy class A3, it will in fact be able to autonomously produce 243,000 kWh of energy from renewable energy sources or almost 60% of its entire needs. How? A photovoltaic system positioned on the roof will be able to produce over 40,000 kWh / year of solar electricity and reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by over 21,500 kg / year. Thanks to a thermodynamic recovery of the heat contained in the expelled air, the mechanical ventilation of the rooms will also guarantee fresh and filtered air to the occupants even without opening the windows, thus allowing to save over 6,000 cubic meters of methane (or other fuel) or to reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere of another 10,000 kg / year. Finally, summer air conditioning will be entrusted to a high-efficiency heat pump that will also be used to produce domestic hot water, giving more than 60,000 kWh of thermal energy from the refrigeration cycle each year without greenhouse gas emissions.