Mission, Vision and Values

The Daedalus Group is a high-growth industrial company specialized in the fulfillment of public and private contracts. Inspired by the principles of sustainable development and organic growth, it relies on technological and organizational innovation and on the quality of its experience and human resources, to develop constructive, innovative and effective solutions capable of enhancing the resources of the territories in which it operates and to contribute to the economic and social growth of the peoples.


We believe that engineering, architectural and infrastructural works contribute to the creation of human development, economic activities and socio-cultural aggregation for present and future generations for the medium and long term.


In our small way, we are committed to building a new and better ecosystem on a daily basis, trying to adapt to any context, historical and economic phase, using the most appropriate resources, combining the concept of beauty, profit and pleasure, in the wake of Italian style engineering and architectural tradition style, which we inspire to.


Human Capital Quality and Diligence 

The pursuit of profit is undoubtedly one of the main objectives of any entrepreneurial activity. In any case, the attraction, cultivation and holding of young, academically and professionally excellent human resources with an international mentality and approach is our priority and the source of reinvestment of our profits.


We study projects and create solid and innovative solutions that last over time and perfectly contextualize the ecosystem which they are located in. Through this, we promote sustainable development and organic growth for present and future generations.

Realization Excellence

We promote a healthy, ethical, open and transparent conduct with all our employees, stakeholders and customers, adapting to the needs and phases of the industry in which we operate and trying to constantly improve our work by introducing innovations and products also from industries opposed or complementary to our.

Research, Development & Innovation

Conducting a business activity in a well-known capital-intensive industry, famous for its strong competition and the presence of multiple players, as well as the lack of interest from operators to equip themselves with the most innovative technologies in order to best perform their work represents a huge challenge for those who work in construction.


We believe, therefore, that our role is best performed when supported by a collaboration with research centers and universities for the development of cutting-edge technologies, methods and materials and reinvesting our profits in the daily improvement of our construction techniques, research of materials and reduction of environmental impact.


We believe in the expertise of our company, our suppliers and contractors, in the well-done work that exceeds the expectations of our clients and contributes to raising the reputation of the management and the trust of our clients.


We respect people, diversity and environment. These are the cardinal principles of our way of approaching work and leading the company, aware that the respect of rules and for the ecosystem in which we operate are a source of pride.