Group History

The architect Bartolomeo Sorrentino, leading shareholder and founder of the group, strong of an extensive and consolidated experience as a technical director, chief contractor and testing Assistant in the field of civil works and commercial facilities on behalf of a major construction player, decides to condense his know-how and network of contacts and relationships by taking a first step in the field of business and professional activity.


In 1989 the project design and planning practice Architech - Architetti Associati was born, which unites some of the main protagonists of architecture and design of the area. After a period dedicated to the running-in of small redevelopment works of old, historically important or abandoned buildings, the studio begins to shift the interest towards large civil works through a partnership with some local contractors.


The preliminary, executive and definitive projects of the main commercial plants of the southern and northern metropolitan areas of Naples and southern Italy are in fact signed by some studio professionals on behalf of solid retail distribution groups - La Rinascente, Auchan, Ipercoop, Emmezeta to name a few - such as "Città Mercato" in Pompeii (1989), Auchan Shopping Center in Mugnano (1990), "San Sperate" Shopping Center in Cagliari (1999), "Quartonuovo" Shopping Center in Quarto (2003).

In 2005 the company Urbania Ltd. was founded, constituting the group's first and main vehicle, set up to build infrastructure works, participate in public tenders and carry out of environmental reclamation activities. The history of this company includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work at important logistics centers in the country, such as the logistic platform of Castello di Cisterna - in the industrial area of ​​Naples - and the Polo del Freddo in Sammontana S.p.A. in Montelupo Fiorentino - in the industrial area of ​​Empoli, as well as minor interventions in the metropolitan area of ​​Naples.


In the context of a growing consolidation and search for international operations in complementary business areas, in 2010 the company B.F.P. Societè Genèrale du Batiment was established, based in Nice, concurrently with the prospect of significant business opportunities in the south of France. Significant works have been completed, in partnership with both top-level contractors, such as the Fayat Group - France's third-largest manufacturer, with consolidated turnover of around 3 billion euros (2017) - and with high-standing real estate developers, such as Provence Habitat on the French Riviera, carrying out interventions in the cities of Marseille, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Draguignan and Aix-en-Provence.


In 2013, in response to the general defective phases of the construction industry, Daedalus Ltd was established in order to to be able to capture interests and market shares in a strategic area, such as the development and management of civil and industrial buildings and the redevelopment of abandoned and distressed buildings.


The interest and the substantial investment of resources and human capital poured into civil works and the management of real estate strengthened in September 2016, when the group decided to create an ad hoc company responsible for managing a real estate portfolio, the Genim Res Ltd, which civil and industrial buildings located in the North-East of the country have immediately been attributed to .