Our Committment

We strive every day to build a better world, combining beauty, usefulness and well-made, in the wake of the engineering tradition of ancient Rome and of the great Renaissance works, to which we are inspired.


We believe in a work environment that enhances the skills of individuals, which is able to encourage the development of skills and the potential for learning in the company, so that everyone can find full realization for the benefit of achieving the shared business objectives.


For us, guaranteeing equal job opportunities means recognizing the specific skills and professional qualifications of all employees, in the knowledge that skills, experience and merit are the essential requisites for the growth of human resources that for years allows us to establish ourselves on the global market of buildings.

Ufficio di Milano

Piazzale Biancamano, 8

20121 Milano


Telefono: +39 02 6203 3050

Fax: +39 02 6203 4000

E-mail: milano@dedalo-sgi.com

Ufficio di Napoli

Corso Umberto I, 171

80138 Napoli


Telefono: +39 081 872 5222

Fax: +39 081 872 5022

E-mail: napoli@dedalo-sgi.com

Ufficio di Nizza

1 Place Massena

06000 Nizza


Telefono: +33 493 16 70 60

E-mail: nizza@dedalo-sgi.com

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