The Facility Management business line refers to the development of services to support the performance characteristics of a property or real estate complexes concentrated in activities focused on plants, tenants, work tools and spaces.

To the Dedalo SGI Group by facility management services we mean the provision of activities of:

  • Development of the work tools of the tenant company and its strategic planning;

  • Coordination of building redevelopment processes;

  • Procurement management, relations with suppliers, management and control of

    services and equipment provided by the latter;

  • Supervision (planning and control) of all maintenance activities,

    redevelopment and re-engineering of building systems or real estate assets

The Facility Management business unit is the hub for the Group's "services" line. The expertise has developed in the optimal performance of the buildings in the portfolio and real estate clusters under management through the coordination of services to people, organizations and properties.

The Facility Management business unit represents the operational unit of the "Services" Business Line dedicated to the performance of non-core activities of companies and organizations and to the setting up of activities aimed at guaranteeing the perfect maintenance and functionalization of buildings and real estate complexes in the time to allow for the preservation of the comfort and operation of end users. The division has maintained many experiences in the field of Building Services and Organizations, and has recorded numerous successful cases of Works Orders and Framework Agreements on behalf of private, corporate and government clients.

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User segmentation of Facility Management services

Portfolio orders Services to the "Person"

Segmentazione Servizi di Facility Manage
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Servizi All'Edificio
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