The CONSTRUCTION business unit refers to the fine-tuning of the works for "new" construction interventions, that is, those of building and urban transformation of the undeveloped territory and capable of satisfying any human need.

To the Dedalo SGI Group by construction works we mean the provision of work of:

  • Construction of buildings above ground and underground, as well as the extension of existing ones;

  • Primary and secondary urbanization interventions;

  • Construction of infrastructures and systems, including for public services, which involve the permanent transformation of undeveloped land;

  • Installation of light products, including prefabricated ones, and of structures of any kind that are used to satisfy any human need

The Construction business unit is the Group's main source of business. The expertise was consolidated in the general works segment, with an orientation towards the construction of civil buildings, roads and highways, aqueducts and viaducts and constituted the core business of the company's production for more than 10 years. 

The Group and its companies have accumulated a rich experience of success for construction projects relating to multiple contract sectors (residential, commercial, industrial, tertiary), geographies, building types and different surface tickets.

18 months

Average time to complete construction work

1 month

Average time for private customer order assignment


Average time for public order assignment


Construction works carried out abroad

Segmentation of construction works


Civil Buildings


Roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, tramways, subways

Aqueducts, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, irrigation works