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Milan, 12 December 2018


As usual, as an active member, the Daedalus Group took part in the Christmas dinner organized by Assimprendil ANCE at La Pelota in Via Palermo. Gathered for the occasion all the associated companies and their representatives. The theme of the evening was "TOMORROW", understood as the ability and the foresight of the entrepreneurs of the sector to always look ahead and beyond in their daily commitment and to face challenges and difficulties with dexterity.

"It was a cordial occasion to be able to meet with colleagues and associates and keep up with the progress of the business, with annual opportunities making us feel the responsibility and the importance of the role we play, reinforcing the ability to create a business system", commented our Investor Relations manager.

London, 6th December 2018


The Daedalus Group is honored and flattered to have participated tonight at the presentation of the new Rolls-Royce Cullinan at the dealer H.R. Owen in Berkeley Square in London, in the prestigious district of Mayfair. The occasion was combined with the launch of the residential complex of the Thai hotel chain Six Senses Residences in London. The Group was represented by our Director of Finance Niccolò Sorrentino, who commented: "It was a fantastic opportunity for The Daedalus Group to connect with entrepreneurs, investors and financiers in the construction and real estate development world. Thanks to our marketing partner Sorores London for the cordial invitation ".

Rome, November 15th 2018


On the occasion of his visit to Italy, the President of the Republic of Armenia, Armen Sarkissian, accompanied by the Ambassador of Armenia in Italy, Victoria Bagdassarian, met a delegation of enterprises of the National Association of Italian Building Constructors (ANCE) in Rome for illustrate the main infrastructure projects and development in Serbia for the country.

Representing the Daedalus Group was our Director of Finance Niccolò Sorrentino.

Rome, 13th November 2018

A meeting in ANCE, dedicated to companies interested in participating in the restricted ICE-ANCE-OICE follow-up missions in Serbia and Macedonia that will take place from 2 to 5 December 2018 and aimed at deepening the projects of interest identified with the ICE offices in place, it was held this morning.


The meeting was aimed at discussing with the construction and engineering companies the possibility of competing in the tenders that will be banned in the coming months and related to the projects of highways, railway stations and networks, interports, wind farms and hydroelectric power plants.


To represent the interests of the group, Dr. Niccolò Sorrentino.

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14th December 2018

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