Compensation & Benefits

We believe that a merit-based pay policy is an essential tool for attracting, engaging and retaining talented people.

Our philosophy of "Full Award", in line with corporate values and business strategy, is based on the principles of internal fairness, competitiveness and sustainability.

The Daedalus Group aims to recognize and reward employee performance and everyone's contribution to achieving company results.

Compensation Structure

Our pay structure provides a fixed component and a variable component. Furthermore, for the top management and for a small group of key resources, short and long-term incentive plans, of a monetary and equity type, are envisaged.

To complete the remuneration offer, the Group provides its employees with various benefit programs, such as integrative healthcare, supplementary insurance, company car, flexible working hours and agreements.

Growing with Us

The people who work with us are the basis of our success. The high technical and managerial skills, combined with a solid international experience, represent the Group's excellence in the field and our ability to pursue and achieve increasingly challenging objectives.



We believe that to continue to grow the constant development of the professionalism and skills of our people is fundamental. This is why we are strongly committed to developing a work environment that enhances individual skills, fosters skills growth and learning potential, so that everyone can fully express their potential and contribute to achieving the Group's objectives.



To consolidate and transfer knowledge within the company, every year we define and implement development and training programs both at the site and at our sites.