Work Categories


Civil, Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Construction, maintenance and renovation of timely construction interventions necessary to carry out residential, commercial and industrial activities, complete with the necessary structures, electromechanical, electrical, telephone and electronic systems and finishes of any type, as well as any related, complementary and ancillary works.

Roads, motorways, bridges, viaducts, railways, tramways, subways, funiculars, airport runways and related complementary works

Construction, maintenance and restructuring of network interventions necessary to allow mobility on road, rail and air, whatever the degree of importance, complete of each connected, complementary or accessory work, even of a punctual type, of the railway armament, as well as of all the automatic, electromechanical, electrical, telephone and electric traction systems necessary to provide good service to the user in terms of use, information, safety and assistance.


Finishing of general construction and technical works

Construction, maintenance and renovation of masonry and partitions of any kind, including plastering, shaving, painting, painting and the like, as well as the supply and installation, maintenance and renovation of the finishing of general works such as thermal and acoustic insulation, false ceilings and barriers to fire.


Property Management

Management of complex strategies and activities of a technical-administrative-commercial nature aimed at obtaining a "periodic income" and a "capital gain" from a building and real estate owned by the company (management of leases, condominium, administrative accounting , heritage census, space management, etc.).

Facility Management

Integrated management of services, processes and activities, carried out by outsourcing by a client and addressed to buildings, spaces and people, not included in the primary activities of the group but necessary for its functioning as part of a line of business.