The builders of tomorrow: enterprising and determined young people with a strong passion for building. Building your future through personal and professional challenges, made up of unique experiences in the construction of large complex works of the highest engineering, side by side with the best professionals in the sector.

These are the builders of tomorrow, the young people who make up our team.

Working in the Dedalo Group means working in an international context, dealing with different cultures, using and developing one's skills by participating in the creation of works that last over time, with which we promote sustainable development for current and future generations.

The integration between the energy of young people and the excellent technical competence already present in the company is one of the levers with which we want to strengthen our growth at national and European level. The young talents who join our Group, supported by tutors and managers, have the opportunity to develop skills and competences and undertake an international career path in the construction sector.

We believe in challenges and in continuous growth, we believe that the basis of our success is the people, it is us, with our history, our aspirations, our skills; men and women, capable of working together to carry out major infrastructural works that improve people's lives.

Working with us means being part of a multicultural work environment in which relationships are based on respect, transparency and trust; it means participating in the construction of unique, highly engineered works, in which technological innovation is combined with process innovation.

Shopping centers, impermarkets, schools, hospitals, residential complexes, accommodation and tourist facilities, civil and industrial construction are the sectors of activity in which we have been operating for 27 years.

Being part of our Group means joining professionals with highly specialized skills, a dynamic and competitive reality with a rich heritage of passion, knowledge and experience.

Our job is to build, which is why we prefer students and recent graduates of technical-scientific training, coming from both Italian and international schools and universities: courageous and passionate, available for international mobility, determined to learn, grow and develop their skills, oriented to the result and teamwork.

Among the most requested degrees: Civil, Mechanical, Environmental, Management, Economics, Finance Engineering.

​ Among the most requested high school diplomas: surveyor, accountant, industrial expert.