Prospero Sorrentino

Chief Strategy Officer

Member of the Board of Directors

Member of the Investment Committee

Prospero Sorrentino is the Group’s Chief Strategist, responsible for assisting the CEO in the development, communication, execution and promotion of the Group strategic initiatives.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Commerce from University of Naples “Luigi Vanvitelli” and further specialized with a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from Bicocca University’s School of Higher Education, in Milan.

He has matured strong competences in the corporate resources management field as Head of Personnel at the French food retailing chain Carrefour Italia S.p.A., coordinating the human resources allocation jointly to the commercial property development of the chain.

He has further consolidated his corporate strategy definition skills dealing with the business development strategy of the Italian mortgage broker player Credipass, supervising the disboursement of credit products to SMEs.

Before joining the Group, he has gained further experience in Affida S.p.A., a credit brokerage firm, as area manager for Southern Italy.