The Dedalo Group is an entrepreneurial entity under Italian law with an international vocation operating through various companies which, engaged in specific areas of the construction industry, give the group itself a vertically integrated structure.

Group company

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The Holding Parent Company

The Group is managed and controlled by a parent company.
The financial company, founded with the aim of making the management of the corporate group lean and efficient, pursues, as its exclusive and main activity, the mission of acquiring equity investments in other companies, the purchase, sale, possession, management and placement of public securities and private individuals, by joining company holdings and investments in any related sector and industry, to make the underlying business more diversified and solid in the long term.

Urbania Srl.png

Urbania Srl

The company represents a company specializing in general construction works and civil engineering. The company, on its own account or on behalf of a client, pursues the construction, maintenance and redevelopment of building network interventions, necessary to allow mobility and complementary works, and punctual interventions, such as civil buildings for health and industrial use.


Dedalo Srl

The company is involved in the promotion of real estate development both on its own account, with development and sale operations or development and income-generating operations of civil residential and hospitality buildings.

BFP Construction Sarl.png

BFP Construction Sarl

The company is the first subsidiary under foreign law to become part of the Dedalo Group. The company pursues the construction from scratch of specific building interventions necessary to carry out any human activity, such as residences, barracks, schools, offices, buildings for industries and commercial activities.

Genim Res Srl_Piccolo.png

Genim Res Srl

The real estate company has as its object the completion of real estate transactions throughout the national territory such as the purchase, redevelopment, sale, exchange of real estate, real estate rights and multiple-use plants, and their management on its own account. 

Mirto Mediterraneo S.r.l..png

Mirto Mediterraneo Srl

The company is active in the exercise of the hotel business and related, ancillary or connected, inherent and consequent activities, including the management of bathing establishments and beaches, garages and entertainment venues.


Architech Associated Architects

The design and architecture studio can boast, through the specific professional skills that constitute it, a consolidated experience in architectural, structural and urban planning.
The work team is set up in order to achieve the best professional synergies and provide quality services.