Interventions for building transformation and urban planning of the territory, construction of building artefacts above ground or underground, construction of infrastructure and facilities, including public services, which involves the permanent transformation of unpublished soil, installation of light, even prefabricated, and of structures of any kind as well as pertinent interventions.


Urban and building renovation interventions aimed at replacing the existing urban-building fabric with another one, through a systematic set of building interventions, also with the modification of the design of the lots, the blocks and the road network. These interventions include the restoration or replacement of some building elements, the elimination, modification and insertion of new elements and systems.


Promotion and development of projects for the construction of civil buildings for residential, commercial and industrial purposes through the procurement of financial, technical and physical resources to build real estate units for sale or lease.


Procurement of synergies with cooperatives and consortiums aimed at finding financial, technical and physical means to realize real estate projects destined for their own use.


Ordinary maintenance interventions such as building interventions involving repair, renovation and replacement of building finishes.


Extraordinary maintenance interventions, such as works and modifications necessary to renovate and replace even structural parts of buildings.

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Property Management

Leasing and management of properties owned or leased: focus on buildings and residential housing


Rental and management of owned or leased properties: with focus on homes, apartments and rooms furnished or unfurnished for long-term stays, generally on a monthly or annual basis.

Integrated Project Design

Provision of integrated consulting activities in the architectural field: design of buildings and drafting of projects, urban planning and landscape architecture, construction management.