The Agency & Advisory business line refers to the development of consulting services for the definition of the complex of strategies and management objectives of a building or real estate portfolios aimed at optimizing its profitability, increasing its asset value and maximizing the return of capital.

For the Dedalo SGI Group, by advisory services we mean the provision of activities of:

  • Analysis of the characteristics of the assets and creation of a database (Condition Assessment Survey - CAS) aimed at dividing the real estate assets into clusters (homogeneous groups) in order to identify and compare the performance (techniques, costs and profitability) of each property and the average cluster;

  • Definition of an articulated portfolio strategy in terms of specification for each individual property (sale, enhancement, rental target, acquisition, rotation of assets);

  • Property lease;

  • Management of all the technical-regulatory requirements envisaged;

  • Management of all divestment (divestment) and new acquisition activities

    (investment) of properties built on the basis of the strategic guidelines of the fund;

  • Implementation of an adequate research policy for new investment opportunities (scouting) in relation to the strategy as regards investments (assets


  • Guarantee of a timely knowledge base-information on trends

    real estate market (supply and demand)

The Real Estate Advisory business unit represents the consulting operating unit for the Group's «services» line. The skills have branched into real estate investment initiatives in the phases of acquisition and disposal of stand-alone properties and real estate clusters in the ordinary and alternative residential, tourism-hospitality and commercial sectors.

The Agency & Advisory business unit represents the leading division of the "Services" Business Line dedicated to the provision of consultancy and technical, financial, legal and administrative assistance to support private, corporate, institutional and Public Administration investors both in defining the complex of strategies and objectives aimed at generating income and increasing the value of its real estate assets and in the development of a real estate portfolio of a residential and hospitality operator.


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